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Ethics complaint mayor and city council El Paso © Jud Burgess

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5

December 21, 2016

I just put Mayor Leeser, Rep. Jim Tolbert, Rep. Cortney Niland, Rep. Peter Svarzbein, and Rep. Lily Límon on notice...



Ethics and Inertia © Jud Burgess

Ethics and Inertia

December 21, 2016

They want to do what they want, when they want, how they want without the knowledge of those they have been elected to serve...with impunity and an arrogant lack of respect for the laws...



Michiel Noe out to lunch © Jud Burgess

Michiel Noe puts Duranguito back on the chopping block

January 10, 2017

He disappeared, tucked tail and ran, vanished into the ether like a frightened ghost.

A rebel without a vote.



EPISD Report Cards © Jud Burgess

EPISD bond fail

January 13, 2017

This is what happens when you issue a $670,000,000 EPISD bond that does NOTHING to address the QUALITY OF EDUCATION towards El Paso’s unique border students.



El Paso Environmental Disaster © Jud Burgess

El Paso Environmental Disaster

January 14, 2017

Fellow El Pasoans, this is not a Western Refinery incident that we should brush off. Considering the serious health implications to the people in the surrounding Lakeside, Ascarate and Bassett neighborhoods, it seems to be getting scant attention by the media and is being downplayed by Western Refining.

No surprise there.



Juan Cabrera Reward © Jud Burgess

What is EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera’s reward for passing the MOST EXPENSIVE EPISD BOND ever for El Pasoans?

January 19, 2017

If Cabrera is serving EPISD and El Paso “for the kids” then he should immediately turn down his pay raise and commit wholeheartedly to his position with no respect to his annual salary which is just as unbalanced as bank CEOs salaries are compared to bank employees. 



Juan Cabrera It’s for the Kids © Jud Burgess

James No Bond demands that Superintendent Cabrera TURN DOWN HIS RAISE.

January 21, 2017

Was it ever really for the kids?

From the very day the EPISD bond was made public, it was clear to me that it was never for the kids.

El Paso taxpayers are currently staring down the barrel of a gargantuan school bond



Jud Burgess aka James No Bond and City Council rep Michiel Noe have it out at City Hall

January 24, 2017

Here is a quick breakdown of yesterday’s meeting:

The bulk of the meeting was a mind-numbing, sleep-inducing series of formalities and business items.

This was followed by an indecipherable presentation by an individual explaining the city budget and the fiscal state of El Paso.



Never Forget Michiel Noe Claudia Ordaz © Jud Burgess

Our Choices Define Us

January 25, 2017

As El Pasoans, we will be judged by our ability and desire to protect our city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Our eight city leaders and mayor stand at a moral crossroads where their decisions will affect two opposing groups of El Paso citizens.

The Latino and poor. The disenfranchized and voiceless.

The 1% and powerful. The wealthy and entitled.



EPISD can’t kill Bowie High Pride – Video blogpost

February 6, 2017

Watch video just produced by James No Bond. EPISD transfers BOWIE HIGH PRINCIPAL in the middle of the school year leaving students and teachers VERY UPSET. 6th time in 5 years EPISD does this to Bowie.

Click on the video link above and find out what’s going on with Superintendent Juan Cabrera and board President Dori Fenenbock.

EPISD just can’t give Bowie High a break. 



El Paso Environmental Disaster 2 © Jud Burgess

El Paso Environmental Disaster Part 2

February 9, 2017

If you remember, Western Refining originally stated that the release consisted of over 2,000 pounds of what they themselves identified as sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere surrounding the Ascarate, Lakeside and Bassett neighborhoods. By permit, the particular tower the gas escaped from is only allowed to release 1/100 of a pound of sulfur dioxide. That is a fraction of an ounce per hour.

The report states that over 3,300 pounds of matter was released. A 50% increase over their original estimate.



El Trio Frio Jaime Esparza Claudia Ordaz Vince Perez © Jud Burgess

El Trio Frio

February 13, 2017

Claudia Ordaz made it perfectly clear that she has no scruples about choosing the powerful and wealthy downtown property owners and investors while kicking to the curb the marginalized and expendable residents of Duranguito.

And burying El Paso’s oldest living history under hundreds of tons of concrete.

Give her that. At least she doesn’t flip flop.



Jud Burgess James No Bond for City Council ©

Support my run for City Council District 2

February 17, 2017

By now you already know me as James No Bond.

You may have heard I am running for a seat on City Council because I want to make a difference in the lives of El Pasoans living within my district and throughout El Paso as a whole.

As a family man with four grown children, I want to help build an El Paso which inspires our kids to put down roots here and raise families of their own.



Juan Cabrera Sick Days © Jud Burgess

A second huge pay raise for EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera?

March 2, 2017

EPISD Superintendent Cabrera’s new contract gives him an additional 15 days of paid vacation for a total of 35 (7 weeks paid vacation!) AND a one-time “gift” of 20 additional sick leave days for a total of 40 sick days this year.

IF he wanted to, he could turn any unused sick leave days into his vacation days AND then cash in his unused vacation days for his daily rate of salary which was somewhere near $1,342 per day in the 2015-16 year.



Dori Fenenbock Juan Cabrera Susie Byrd SOS © Jud Burgess

SOS!  We’re going to need your $$$ again!

March 12, 2017

EPISD insisted we must act NOW “for the kids” and “to attract and retain the best educators”.

Now has come and gone and El Pasoans are feeling the regret of having passed the bond with the biggest winner to date being Superintendent Cabrera himself, what with that $44,500 pay “bump” and a bonus of 20 sick days and 15 extra vacation days that he can convert into another $46,900+ should be so desire…which he very well may.

Fenenbock and the EPISD board is rewarding Cabrera for passing the short-sighted bond as if he is some kind of Fortune 500 CEO.



2017 El Paso City Council FAIL © Jud Burgess

2017 El Paso City Council FAIL

March 23, 2017

When you have 6 mayoral candidates grading our current crop of council reps with nothing better than a D then we have a unanimous consensus of mediocrity and abject failure plaguing City Hall.

Ethics issues. A serious lack of fiscal responsibility. A glaring lack of transparency. A continuing lack of communication with their constituents. Division. Petty squabbling. Neglect.

You get the picture.



Two Headed Tax Beast Claudia Ordaz Michiel Noe © Jud Burgess

And it eats our hard-earned dollars

March 29, 2017

There is a two-headed beast roaming around City Hall these days and it’s after our tax dollars.

Dr. Noe and Claudia Ordaz Perez both have an insatiable appetite to “tax and spend” and won’t be satisfied until they’ve gotten their furry little mitts on as much of our money they require to fund their agenda.



ad promoting El Paso sucks © Jud Burgess

This ad promoting El Paso sucks

April 7, 2017

Naturally I wanted to see what amazing ad represented our shining city and lo and behold…

an ad promoting our magnificent Franklin Mountains State Park as an epic challenge for mountain biking enthusiasts…without any visual reference to our majestic mountains. Just some empty, barren, dirt lot with some guys performing some 70s Evel Knievel stunt.



Jeff Sessions Dee Margo © Jud Burgess

The real reason Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited El Paso last week

April 23, 2017

Sessions had no intention of getting to know El Paso, our people, our businesses and the relationship with our sister city of Juarez.

It was all a photo-op presser designed to feed the prevailing false Trump narrative…you remember…Mexican rapists, criminals, drug dealers.

Riffraff as mayoral hopeful Dee Margo refers to them.



Alexsandra Annello Susie Byrd Jim Tolbert © jud burgess

A cautionary tale

May 16, 2017

So here we stand today, it’s come down to a June runoff election between yesterday’s tainted candidate and tomorrow’s blank canvas upstart.

This is a cautionary tale I’m directing to Alexsandra Annello, a contender who, if she has the political spine made of the iron required to stand by her convictions, can rise above this story about antagonists with personal agendas that benefit the few while costing the majority.



Juan Cabrera Dori Fenenbock Susie Byrd © Jud Burgess

As the worm turns

May 23, 2017

If I could choose two words that perfectly describe Superintendent Juan Cabrera and EPISD Board President Dori Fenenbock they would hands down be the words “TONE DEAF”.

They both display a stunning lack of awareness when it comes to how they are perceived by most El Pasoans.  



El Paso Arena Fustercluck Part 1 © Jud Burgess

El Paso’s arena fustercluck Part 1 – Why I am against it

May 30, 2017

City leadership believed it would be a simple cut and dried process—offer the tenants some relocation assistance, pay property owners fair market value, and exercise eminent domain on any holdouts.  I’m fairly certain they assured the investors the arena would move forward quickly with no headaches.

Resistance.  Backlash.  Protests.  Neighborhood meetings.  Bound and determined abuelitas.  Blogposts.  Ethics complaints.  Texas Rangers.  And a slew of other obstacles got in the way.  

A fustercluck they could not have imagined.



El Paso Arena fustercluck part 2 © Jud Burgess

El Paso’s arena fustercluck Part 2 – Potential legal issues city leaders are facing

June 1, 2017

The 2012 bond as stated by our city leaders is a binding contract between El Paso taxpayers and the City.  El Pasoans agree to fork up X amount of our hard-earned tax dollars in exchange for the City providing us with Quality of Life projects A, B and C.

Have you heard that the City came up short on some of these projects because they were incorrectly quoted (code for under-estimated)?

In other words, they cannot provide us with A, B and C as they agreed to unless they find a way to get more tax dollars to finish the job, preferably without us knowing.




El Paso’s arena fustercluck part 3 © Jud Burgess

El Paso’s arena fustercluck Part 3 – Some untold costs city leaders conveniently leave out

June 4, 2017

Newly elected Mayor X and Council Y will soon inform us that the 180 million will get us the plain vanilla version that will likely come in over budget, BUT if we issue more bonds—maybe $120,000,000 additional, we can pimp out the arena and be like all the other cities with low self esteem and high property tax rates.  After all, we do things right in El Paso, even if it massively costs the masses.  

We’ll scrape, cobble, scratch, dig and suck every last penny we don’t have to get what we don’t need.



In Memoriam © Jud Burgess

A year ago today...

June 12, 2017

a senseless act of hate and terrorism directed at one of America’s most vulnerable communities.

As a proud father of a gay daughter, it saddens me that there is still such ignorance and blind animosity directed towards the LGBTQ community.

Our president refused to acknowledge June as LGBTQ month although he hypocritically declared it a month to enjoy the outdoors and the ocean, right after abandoning the Paris Accord on climate change.

Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature are doing everything they can to deny gay rights, taking America years backwards.

Religious institutions continue to live in the Dark Ages when it comes to understanding and accepting gay people.

Parents turn their backs on their gay children, disowning them and forcing them on the streets.

Let’s open our minds and our hearts.

We are all one.



Wreck Duranguito Sylvia Borunda-Firth © Jud Burgess

Our people are not disposable and our history is not replaceable.  by Senator José Rodriguez

June 18, 2107

James No Bond is re-posting this guest column by Senator José Rodriguez for the El Paso Times. The above graphic editorial by Jud Burgess also printed just below the column, a perfect visual fit for the editorial by Rodriguez.



Juan Cabrera Bum Leg Fist Class © Jud Burgess

EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera and his excuses

June 21, 2017

EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera has spent so much of his time jetting all over the country on business that finding him in an actual EPISD school is like spotting Bigfoot at Yosemite.

Speaking of feet, Superintendent Cabrera is using his feet along with his leg as an excuse to possibly break the law in terms of being reimbursed for airfare that he is purchasing on our taxpayer dime.



Dee Margo 60 seconds © Jud Burgess

60 seconds

June 28, 2017

Mayor Margo kicked things off by informing all speakers that rather than speaking the traditional 3 minutes, they would now have to find a way to communicate their statements within 60 SECONDS.

Whether this is the businessman in him or just a factor of his reputation for being somewhat condescending and lacking bedside manner, it managed to catch everyone off guard, including the city council members.



Jud Burgess aka James No Bond gets his 3 minutes with new El Paso mayor Dee Margo

July 11

Jud Burgess addresses Mayor Dee Margo and the new city council regarding the mayor’s hamfisted attempt to minimize public comments during meetings.

He also encourages the mayor to learn conversational spanish so he can effectively lead the border city of El Paso.



DINO Dori Fenenbock Part 1 © Jud Burgess

DINO Dori Fenenbock Part 1 – Exploiting EPISD

July 20, 2017

Dori Fenenbock is a DINO.

A Democrat In Name Only that emerged from a primordial political swamp some time ago and has been on an opportunistic trek across El Paso on her way to possibly winning Beto O’Rourke’s soon to be vacated congressional seat...

Death and Taxes El Paso © Jud Burgess

Death and Taxes in El Paso

July 23, 2017

Death by a thousand cuts.

That is what the average El Pasoan faces living here on the Southwest border.

I’m talking about relentless taxation.

We are among the highest taxed citizens in America when you consider the amount of property taxes we pay in respect to the average income per person which sits at $20,000, a full $8,500 less than the average Texan...



McCain American Patriot © Jud Burgess

Here’s what a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT looks like

July 28, 2017

When I heard John McCain had an aggressive brain tumor removed and was returning to Capital Hill to continue his service as a senator, I figured maybe things might be different.

There’s nothing like the potential death sentence of brain cancer to help refocus and prioritize your life.  

I theorized that maybe McCain would reach way down into the same heroic and rebellious nature that has characterized his “maverick” reputation and bring it back to the surface...



Dori Fenenbock Juan Cabrera Superintendent © Jud Burgess

DINO Dori Fenenbock Part 2 - Mutually Assured Success with SUPER Juan Cabrera

August 10, 2017

DINO (Democrat In Name Only) Dori Fenenbock and EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera have been parasitically feeding off of each other for some time now, joined at the hip like the Siamese twins Chang and Eng of Guinness Book of World Records fame...