Graphic Editorials by Jud Burgess that that were done for pure personal pleasure prior to 2016.

I've always been a highly-opinionated individual.  Being a graphic designer helps me to visually formulate my opinions on the current state of anything in witty, satirical and biting ways that get people’s blood pressure up, sometimes my own.

Enjoy...or not.


Done after the BP oil spill.  Just where are we as a country going when it comes to our dependency on petroleum?  This yellow brick road isn’t leading us to Emerald City...that just happens to be an oil refinery.  © Jud Burgess


Mitt Romney — Corporate Raider.  Look closely, you’ll see lots of dollar signs.  © Jud Burgess


Mitt Romney as a scary candidate.  Of course he’s seems benign now that we have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz running for POTUS.  © Jud Burgess


Gun ownership...a uniquely American pastime.  Did you know America is #1 among all nations when it comes to guns per 100 people?  America has 113 guns per 100 people, #2 is Serbia with 70 per 100 and #3 is Yemen (terrorist haven) with 55 per 100 people.  America has an average of 32,000 murders per year.   © Jud Burgess


David Petraius.  5-star general who gave away some of our nations most classified information to his paramour, a woman who was writing his biography.  In my book that’s treason.  His reason for the treason?  He was mentoring his lover.  He can add this pin to his illustrious military career.  ©  Jud Burgess


Don Baumgardt wrote this funny haiku and I had to illustrate it graphically.  


I actually photographed my TV screen when I saw Donald trump standing in front of something that made him look like he had leathery, bat-like wings.  I just ran with it.  © Jud Burgess