Supplemental images for Sunday El Paso Times guest column by Jud Burgess — One Family’s winding road to peace of mind


Family portrait taken during the time my mother lived with us.  Back row:  Jud, Laurie and nana Graciela     Middle row:  Our kids, Nathan, Annabeth, Micaela and Jared    Front:  Uncle Roi and Stretch


80th birthday celebration invitation I designed for my mom.  Cover on right has an illustration by granddaughter Annabeth that has a few of Graciela’s favorite things—the ocean, cats, sewing, books and art.  I photoshopped in a baby pic, one of her in her 20s and a most recent photo of her.   Back cover on left has a cute drawing of MamaBear (her metaphor).  Graciela has been drawing herself as a bear since we were kids.  She always includes it on cards and letters to family.


Graciela surrounded by her grown children.  L to R:  Marléne (holding Espi the bear), Gillian, Graciela, Roi and Jud


My mother, Graciela and my wife, Laurie.  Cheers!