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Mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” is begging for an ACLU lawsuit

January 9, 2018

My 3-minutes with mayor Margo and City Council today:

They deny me my 1st amendment rights to FREE SPEECH by deleting my editorial satirical graphic and cutting the audio to my mic while allowing a disgusting and paranoid homophobic bigot his full 3 minutes of dangerous LGBTQ HATE SPEECH without a complaint. (not the man on the graphic, Joe Gudenrath who wrote an El Paso Times column which my 3-minutes addresses)

MUST SEE 13-minute video documenting today’s blatant attempt by city leaders to SILENCE CITIZENS who challenge, embarrass and hold them accountable. Includes the bigot’s delusional 3 minutes prior to mine. ACLU lawsuit here we come.

El Paso City Hall © Jud Burgess

Dee Margo Zero.jpg

Educational Heroes and Zeros Part 1: Dee Margo Educational Zero

January 15, 2018

Dee Margo has had his fingers in Texas’ and El Paso’s educational system for several years now.

Margo, who says he’s an El Pasoan before a Republican, was a GOP state representative/lawmaker and part of the state budget writing committee in Austin in 2011, who voted for massive budget cuts to Texas’ public school systems. 

Massive as in more than $5 billion in public education cuts to districts that desperately rely on them for survival…

Two national news media fails by El Paso city leaders

January 23, 2018

Major PR fail by mayor Dee Margo and city council when El Paso makes the negative national news radar last week...TWICE.

Jud Burgess, Eric Stoltz and a Mr. Fierro challenge their inability to accept criticism and allow free speech by El Pasoans while allowing sickening and dangerous hate speech directed towards El Paso’s LGBTQ community to go unchallenged.

dee margo sport arena.jpg

I wan da sport aweena now!!!

January 25, 2018

I found the Trump / mayor Dee Margo graphic on the internets and added the blurbs.

THANK GOD for the constitutional American right to satirize our leaders without threat of jail.

dori fenenbock educational zero.jpg

Educational Heroes and Zeros Part 2: Dori Fenenbock Educational Zero

January 30, 2018

Dori Fenenbock’s current run for Congress is no fluke.  Not a post-midlife crisis revealing itself as a dream of becoming a mover and shaker in Washington.  I believe its part of a plan thats been germinating in Dori’s head for quite some time…

excon Billy Abraham.jpg

Billy Abraham, city leaders and the games that they play

February 5, 2018

Tuesday, February 5, is the day when up to 11 of Billy Abraham’s derelict properties are scheduled to go up for auction according to recent press.

City leaders have long been playing a fool’s game with ex-con and downtown investor and slumlord Billy Abraham when it comes to his derelict properties…

El Paso city leaders deal with El Diablo: Ex-con and DWI killer Billy Abraham

February 6, 2018


When mayor Margo and city council team up with ex-con Billy Abraham to buy his neglected properties, everyone loses except the devil.

mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo and City Council’s lies about Duranguito exposed by ABC-7 News

February 14, 2018

Mayor Margo, City leaders and downtown investors have been telling everyone that it’s only a small group of protestors that is against the “sports arena” in Barrio Durnaguito.

Rick Cabrera of ABC-7 News ran a scientific poll that crushes their SPIN, LIES and DECEIT. Watch and share this 10 minute mini-documentary film by Jud Burgess / James No Bond. It’s important, entertaining and damning.

Jud Burgess / James No Bond 3 minutes with mayor Margo and city council: the mayor’s red button and ballpark liabilities

February 20, 2018

Cassandra Brown and city leaders would have us believe the ballpark is downtown’s savior. It’s not. It’s costing El Pasoans in the millions above and beyond what we were promised.

And for some light humor, I’ll tell you about mayor Margo’s red mute button.

Watch and share this 7 minute film by Jud Burgess / James No Bond. It’s important and entertaining.

not stupid mayor dee margo.jpg

We’re not stupid, mayor Margo

March 1, 2018

Local billionaire investors get a soccer franchise and MAYOR MARGO says we will PAY NO TAXES to help them???

C’mon man! We know better...

fear and loathing trump.jpg

Trump and his fear and loathing of the Latino immigrant

March 14, 2018

These are the profoundly American words found at the Statue of Liberty inviting ALL people who dream of building better lives for their families in our country:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

New film by Jud Burgess: mayor Margo punishes 89-year-old widow, rep Noe and city attorney Sylvia Firth argue with me over my topic

March 21, 2018


City leaders are up to their old tricks when it comes to censorship of free speech rights.

Watch and share this new 10 minute film by Jud Burgess / James No Bond. It’s important, entertaining and damning.

Jud Burgess: Exposing free speech hypocrisy by mayor Margo, attorney Sylvia Firth and rep Michiel Noe

April 6, 2018

Since Dee Margo’s first days as mayor, he along with several city leaders have been blatantly and egregiously violating the 1st Amendment free speech rights of El Paso citizens attempting to address them and hold them accountable.

Watch and share this 15 minute video that reveals the abhorrent hate speech that the city allows while censoring free speech they disagree with.


Texas Ethics Commission laws may have been violated by mayor Dee Margo, city attorney Sylvia Forth and Mayor Pro-tem Michiel Noe.

Jud Burgess: Trump-lite mayor Margo and lapdog El Paso city council are cowards. Here’s why…

April 18, 2018

I finally had enough of our City leaders systematic abuse of El Paso citizens on a numbers of fronts to include elder abuse, clear violations of free speech rights and not challenging dangerous hate speech towards El Paso’s LGBTQ community when confronted with it.

I lit them up on Tuesday…

New Jud Burgess video: El Paso mayor Dee Margo and city council take us to taxpayer hell

May 3, 2018

Are you sick of paying America’s 2nd highest property taxes because city leaders can’t stop spending on wasteful vanity projects that only benefit the wealthy and entitled?

I take apart city leaders excuses and expose mayor Dee Margo’s absolute hypocrisy and straight up abuse of El Pasoans as they strap us in for the trip to TAXPAYER HELL.

I got news for you…we’re almost there but it’s not too late to hold them accountable and force them to change their politics and focus to the average El Pasoan who’s feeling the heat.

I also call out the media for not having the guts to seriously report on the issues affecting us in El Paso. Most often their coverage, if any, is toothless, biased and mediocre.

Share this post by copying my text and pasting it into your share. Tell your friends and family what’s going on under their noses. Email the mayor, the city manager and EVERY REP on the list at the end of the video and chew their asses out.

City leaders depend on our ignorance, apathy and inertia to slide their abusive agendas without so much as a word of opposition from us.

This has to stop.

El Paso mayor Dee Margo, rep Cassandra Brown and City leaders jack up our taxes and home values

May 9, 2018

This is a quick 2 minute teaser video for one I'm currently producing that will reveal an orchestrated effort by city leaders to once again raise our taxes by raising our property values.

We will soon be #1 in America for highest property taxes in respect to our average annual incomes here in El Paso.

And they don't give a damn.

lWhy did our property taxes skyrocket? ASK THEM.

May 19, 2018

Watch and share this EXPLOSIVE VIDEO that exposes the conversations between city leaders as they plan to “help” the Central Appraisal District” get higher valuations for our homes so they can get hundreds of millions in additional taxes every year to pay for their over-budget projects.

Pay close attention because this affects us all. Vote these tax hungry politicians out of office on election day. Email them (video has list at the end) and let them know you are sick of being abused by their overtaxation of El Pasoans.

We are in TAXPAYER HELL people. And they have no plans to lighten up until they've taken our last nickel.

Jud Burgess Dee Margo BorundaFirth Follow The Money.jpg

El Paso mayor dee Margo rewards city attorney Borunda-Firth for incompetence with our tax $$$

May 21, 2018

As many of you already know, I filed ethics complaints against mayor Dee Margo and outgoing city attorney Sylvia Borunda-Firth on the heels of her retirement/resignation/firing fiasco. We’ve come to expect an episode of amateur hour every time the City mishandles these situations.

With news reports revealing low marks on Firth’s most recent evaluation by city leaders, it is more than obvious she was likely fired.

For appearances sake, mayor Margo felt it was his mayorly duty to privately meet with Firth without City Councils’ counsel, and work out the departure details on her contract in such a way that she leaves with her reputation intact and without threat of publicly dumping loads of dirty City laundry that can sink the political careers of several people currently in leadership positions at City Hall…

Jud Burgess Dee Margo Pressure Mayor.jpg

mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo is feeling the pressure

June 11, 2018

Where do we start?

Dee Margo has engaged in so many kinds of abusive, secretive, illegal, unethical and ignorant kinds of behavior during his short tenure it boggles the mind.

I think we are all aware of the many indiscretions he has committed so I won’t bother to write up a dirty laundry list of his local sins, except to say… 

Jud Burgess mayor Dee Margo is a coward.jpg

Will El Paso mayor Dee Margo condemn the Republican separation of children from their asylum-seeking parents in Tornillo?

June 19, 2018

Mayor Margo as quoted during his campaign for mayor (paraphrased):

“I am first an El Pasoan then a Republican.”

Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo failed his first test to defend and represent El Paso when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was spreading misinformation about why El Paso is a safe city based on an ignorant article in the New York Post…

El Paso mayor Dee Margo fails miserably to represent our city and abused immigrants

June 23, 2018

My new 20 minute film reveals how Dee Margo failed to represent El Pasoans and immigrant families who are separated from their children while hosting a delegation of protesting mayors across America here in our city and in Tornillo.

When I heard mayor Margo was going to host a non-partisan group of 20 American mayors who are fighting against Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that abuses immigrants, I had to wonder just how he would represent our city and the situation at hand.

I felt that given his track record he would avoid speaking any message of compassion and empathy towards the asylum-seeking immigrants that are being turned away at the bridge and being separated from their children.

I was right.

He was more concerned about facts and figures, GeeOhP talking points, unintelligible political nonsense, with hardly a word said about the humanitarian crisis happening here in our corner of America.

Thank God for the visiting mayors because they spoke truth and power against this sad chapter in our country’s history.

They drill down to the essence of why this cannot be allowed in a country that is built on a foundation of immigrants and inclusion.

Be moved by their words and remember to always welcome the stranger as you would want to be welcomed yourself.


5 million pairs of angry eyes looking at El Paso

July 9, 2018

Whatever happened to the cop on the beat that has the welfare of misguided youth in mind? The cop who sees potential for good in kids despite appearances? The cop who understands that they are a role model and can move the needle of suspicion that is inbred in these kids who are growing up in deprivation that we can’t imagine?

Officer Jose Rios is not that cop.

He is a big man with a gun and a billy club surrounded by several small kids who are calling him names him so he pulls out his firearm and aims it squarely at a young teenager, shouting “back up m@therf@cker!” …

Jud Burgess on Facebook Live: Props for rising journalist Aaron Montes and his annoying the paranoid mayor Margo

August 1, 2018

I give rising star journalist Aaron Montes his well-deserved praise and pick apart mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo for his continued public exhibitions of paranoia and bully-pulpit abuse towards those who oppose him.

• • • • •

Some choice lines from the broadcast:

“Margo was whining in this letter and accusing Mr. Montes of bad practices for a journalist because Aaron followed him into the restroom to talk to him. And to me, I love that about Aaron.

The fact that he would trail the mayor into the restroom because he knows the mayor is not going to make himself available anywhere else…that’s what you call chutzpah…that’s what you call “ganas” and that’s what the local news media needs.” **

** Montes did not enter the bathroom, but rather waited outside by the 2nd floor conference room.

“But Dee Margo is not transparent. He’s about as transparent as guacamole. He’s been tossing his emails.”

“read these two letters, the conversation between mayor Margo and Aaron Montes and you’ll see the difference between a paranoid mayor who’s trying to undermine the ability of a local news person to do his job and Aaron Montes who is completely professional, completely above board, letting Margo know exactly what his story is going to be on, and giving him the opportunity to release those emails that Margo says he doesn’t have available.”

Is El Paso mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo a man of his word?

August 8, 2018

Why does mayor Margo make promises he can't keep?

Votes. A lack of integrity. Typical politician. No scruples. Trump-Lite. Ignorance.

Video © Jud Burgess. August 7, 2018

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How Steve Ortega sees downtown El Paso

September 16, 2018

You may remember Steve Ortega as being one of the original city leaders that were at one time willing to apply Eminent Domain to large swaths of El Paso’s Segundo Barrio in an effort to Starbucks-ize and culturally cleanse the neighborhood to make it more appealing to tourists and shoppers according to them anyway.

They tried to erase the “Mexicanness” of downtown in favor of upscale people like Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz because he bought into a racist study…


Rep Claudia Perez reveals the obvious about how our our city government deals with El Pasoans with oppositional views

October 15, 2018

The following text is from a Paso Del Sur post:

City Rep Claudia Ordaz Perez Claims Anyone who Disagrees with Her is a "Disruptor"

At a recent forum hosted by El Paso Realtors Ordaz claimed that her role is to “power through” the "difficult decisions" that primarily benefit her wealthy developer contributors.

Everyone else who doesn't agree on the "sports arena," the way the Mexican American Cultural Center was rammed down our throats, the TIRZ plan to destroy open spaces, or non-voter-approved Certificates of Obligation to pay for pork, is merely causing "disruption" and "dysfunction" and "chaos."…


This American moment courtesy of President Donald Trump

October 26, 2018


October 22, 2018

WHEN YOU VOTE consider who these policitians represent. Millionaire money buys political loyalty.

There is a reason Svarzbein, Lizarraga, Perez and Salcido accept large cash donations from mayor Margo and his MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE investor friends...and it has nothing to do with the average overtaxed El Pasoan.


And vote their challengers in...it's time we had fiscally responsible city council reps fighting mayor Margo's Borderplex Alliance agenda that keeps El Pasoans struggling under American's 2nd highest property taxes.