Jud Burgess – Trump Lite mayor Dee Margo and lapdog El Paso City Council are cowards. Here's why:

I finally had enough of our City leaders systematic abuse of El Paso citizens on a numbers of fronts to include elder abuse, clear violations of free speech rights and not challenging dangerous hate speech towards El Paso’s LGBTQ community when confronted with it.

I lit them up on Tuesday.

El Paso mayor Dee Margo, city attorney Sylvia Firth, city manager Tommy Gonzalez and virtually all of city council lack the courage and the moral compass to stand up for the elderly, the LGBTQ community and citizens attempting to exercise free speech rights.

For the 3rd City Hall meeting in a row, 89-year old widow Walli Cech is forced to sit for 3 1/2 hours to address council for 3 minutes. This is systematic abuse of the elderly as she has experienced physical pain and mental duress, all of which I capture on video.

Texas Ethics Commission laws may have been violated by mayor Dee Margo, city attorney Sylvia Forth and Mayor Pro-tem Michiel Noe.

© Jud Burgess
April 18, 2018