I developed the name for the business first, then created the logo.   ©  Jud Burgess


This mark was inspired by vintage fruit crate art from the days of yore.    ©  Jud Burgess






This is a proposed identity for El Paso’s library system.  My thought was that our local libraries are underserving the most needed demographic when it comes to literacy...El Paso’s Latino population.  The Aztec warrior with his feathered headdress symbolizes pride, learning and accomplishment.      ©  Jud Burgess




A series of identities Jud Burgess developed for Community Solutions, a local non-profit that reaches out the children who have one or both parent in prison.     ©  Jud Burgess


A Christian organization that serves people across the globe.


A Christian organization that feeds the poor.  Named after the son of the organizers, who lost his life as a young child.  Charlie would always give his sack lunch to poor kids in third world countries while his parents were doing mission work there.      ©  Jud Burgess

Mark for Becky Duval Reese, the former Director of the El Paso Museum of Art.      ©  Jud Burgess



Proposed monogram identity by Jud Burgess for a couple whose wedding invitations he designed.  A different color study below.






Proposed identity by Jud Burgess for a couple whose wedding invitations he designed.  








A fun logo for a chain of restaurants in Mexico.  The identity was developed to look like a sign.  In fact, they were going to build neon signs to look just like the identity, then the peso bottomed out and the project went along with it.      ©  Jud Burgess





Of course I had to design the logo for my daughter Micaela’s soccer team!      ©  Jud Burgess