A publication of Holocaust paintings by artist Becky Hendrick.  

This powerful art publication explores various issues a painter faces when dealing with intense subject matter in their work.  Becky Hendrick, as a non-Jew, chose to deeply explore the horror that the Jewish faith endured during the Holocaust through her unique talents as an artist.

The Mechanics of Memory is the result of her research and growth as a painter and human being.

As a graphic designer, I went through similar emotions as I found ways to visually capture the essence of her experience as well as the experience of Holocaust victims and survivors.


Mechanics of Memory Cover Jud Burgess

Black linen cover with very subtle silver ink.  Simple and funereal.



Mechanics of Memory Cover foldout

Front cover folds out into what appears to be an abstract pattern.  It is a close-up detail of one of Hendrick’s paintings.  It was my intent to have the viewer study it closely enough to realize they were looking at bodies.  With a careful look, you'll find a torso and legs, then the realization sets in.



The Mechanics of Memory flyleaf with subtle varnish

I used the same black linen on the front and back pages to frame the rest of the publication.  

I took one of Hendrick’s paintings and had a very subtle varnish of it printed over the black linen.  This is a visual way to convey “memory”.  In this case it is something dark, mysterious and hazy. 



The Mechanics of Memory — sample spreads

The Mechanics of Memory Spread 1



The Mechanics of Memory spread 2



The Mechanics of Memory Spread 3



The Mechanics of Memory spread 4 Jud Burgess

The Mechanics of Memory — This spread has the whole painting that is detailed in the front fold out.