Levi’s were what defined the “cool” people in my junior high years and my parents couldn't afford to buy me them and my paltry allowance didn't come close to buying me a pair.  My mother would buy me corduroys from Sears or K-Mart on the cheap, after which I would find orange material similar to the Levi's tags.  Then I simply embroidered the Levi's logo, sewed it up and inserted into the right side rear pocket and Voila!  I had Levi's cords that looked legit but fit like crap.


I was a huge live music concert fan and also liked to save money when possible.  I put my talents as an artist with OCD tendencies to good use and would spend 2-3 hours painting over similar $1 college basketball tickets with all information to match a friends payed for concert ticket.  Mega-concert tickets were only $7 in those days so I lost money faking the tickets but I gained lots of confidence knowing that they were good enough to sneak in with.  It was a strange way to get a rush...


I don't remember just how many days I invested in this pointillist portrait of Paul Newman but there has to be tens of thousands of dots of various thicknesses that make up the tonal gradiations.  I actually quit when I couldn't force myself to go any further but very much like the unfinished look and the edgy use of white space.  I entered this ink drawing in an Addys contest when I went to college at TSTC in Waco and it won Best Pen and Ink.