Exposing mayor Dee Margo’s El Paso Sports Arena Fustercluck Bullsh!t

Mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo was just interviewed by ABC7 Xtra along with preservation activist JP Bryan (separately) and Margo was in FULL BLOWN SPIN CYCLE MODE as he answered virtually every question with misinformation, half-truths and lies.

I take apart each of his statements, exposing his abusive pattern of twisting the facts. I also shine light on new and damning info that he may have accidentally disclosed about an attempted inside deal with Bryan to sell him the whole Duranguito area while the City explored areas south of Paisano, indicating there are other viable areas to place the arena.

Some fascinating observations about the strained relationship between Bryan, the Dee Margo and his wife Adair Margo whom was a client of my business for over 20 years.

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