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Why did our property taxes skyrocket? ASK THEM.

Why did our property taxes skyrocket?  ASK THEM.

Watch and share this EXPLOSIVE VIDEO that exposes the conversations between city leaders as they plan to “help” the Central Appraisal District” get higher valuations for our homes so they can get hundreds of millions in additional taxes every year to pay for

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mayor Margo, Cassandra Brown & city leaders jack up our home values and our taxes

This is a quick 2 minute teaser video for one I'm currently producing that will reveal an orchestrated effort by city leaders to once again raise our taxes by raising our property values.

We will soon be #1 in America for highest property taxes in respect to our average annual incomes here in El Paso.

And they don't give a damn.

© Jud Burgess May 9, 2018

New film by Jud Burgess / James No Bond: Mayor Margo punishes 87-year-old widow, Rep Noe and city atty Firth argue with me over my topic


City leaders are up to their old tricks when it comes to censorship of free speech rights.

Watch and share this new 10 minute film by Jud Burgess / James No Bond. It’s important, entertaining and damning.

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El Paso city leaders deal with El Diablo: Ex-con and DWI killer Billy Abraham


When mayor Margo and city council team up with ex-con Billy Abraham to buy his neglected properties, everyone loses except the devil.

Video © Jud Burgess / James No Bond on Facebook