Mayor Dee “Bulldozer” Margo is begging for an ACLU lawsuit

My 3-minutes with mayor Margo and City Council today:

They deny me my 1st amendment rights to FREE SPEECH by deleting my editorial satirical graphic and cutting the audio to my mic while allowing a disgusting and paranoid homophobic bigot his full 3 minutes of dangerous LGBTQ HATE SPEECH without a complaint. (not the man on the graphic, Joe Gudenrath who wrote an El Paso Times column which my 3-minutes addresses)

MUST SEE 13-minute video documenting today’s blatant attempt by city leaders to SILENCE CITIZENS who challenge, embarrass and hold them accountable. Includes the bigot’s delusional 3 minutes prior to mine. ACLU lawsuit here we come.

El Paso City Hall, January 9, 2018.
© Jud Burgess