Thanks to my mother, Graciela, I have always loved music.  I used to raid her LP collection when I was a kid...Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Mama Cass, Santana, Iron Butterfly, Crosby Stills Nash & Young...  Ever since those days I have been a collector of music.  I listen to it all day at work, discovering new talent and buying their music.  My family has followed suit.  Listening to and creating music runs in our blood.

I've enjoyed creating video to music, and on some occasions, created both the music and the video.

Video concept and editing by Jud Burgess    April 2016        Train Kept a Rollin’  © Aerosmith



Original song by Jud Burgess — Need For Speed © Jud Burgess  March 2016

Original music composed on an old version of GarageBand.  Includes professional drag racing audio clips worked in as part of the music.



Original song by Jud Burgess — Second Wind of the Twilight Heart   © Jud Burgess 2015

I used Apple's Garageband program to create this music. Garageband is great for people with an ear for music but no formal training. It's like Legos, you push notes around, overlap them, repeat them, pick different instruments, add effects, etc. This being an older version of the software, it does weird things to sounds that make for interesting music.
I shot the video with my Iphone 6 slomo feature on a very windy afternoon/evening in November and the final scene on the following day.



Trump is shoveling something but it isn't coal.

33-second music video.     Produced by Jud Burgess © May, 2016     Music © Working in the Coal Mine, Lee Dorsey, 1966


I’ve produced a memento of the loving moments in the life of my pop and our family.  The song is “Spring”, written and recorded by our son Nathan Burgess.  Both video and music capture those moments of spring in our lives, my father’s life in particular.


My son Nathan is a musician and artist in his own right.  This is a track he wrote called “Heartbeat of the Smaller Racehorse.”  Music © Nathan Burgess / Fraction 2015

I found a great Japanese video done of jockeys and their horses in ultra slomo and edited out most of the video which had text.  Then i cut and pasted video clips to dovetail with Nathan's song.  It's hypnotic both visually and musically.  You can hear more of Nathan’s original music at the link below.

Music by Nathan Burgess / Fraction


Sons and Daughters.  Brothers and Sisters.  Upside Down.  Rightside Up.  Spinning out of control.  The joy of growing up together.

I jumped into a spin ride with my kids in 2010 on a trip to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and whipped out my Nikon Coolpix and shot a very casual video of the ensuing chaos.  I incorporated the unedited video and used a song called “Heretic” by a band called Fields which had the right energy and speed for this wacked-out ride.  Made contact with the lead singer and sent him a link to my video and he graciously told me he'd be happy to have his song be the soundtrack to my kids video.  I go back to this video time and again as our kids are either in or graduated from university.